The Double STARS Research Seminar: An analysis of its effects and methodologies


  • Alexander Beltzer-Sweeney Department of Physics and Astronomy, San Diego Mesa College/Boyce Research Initiatives and Education Foundation
  • Stephen White Department of Physics and Mathematics, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology/Boyce Research Initiatives and Education Foundation


The Double STARS (STEM Through Astronomy Research for Students) seminar is a hybrid online/in-person research experience aiming to encourage critical thinking and data analysis through observational astronomy via robotic telescopes. Presented here is a program analysis from the perspective of the authors, two undergraduate students who have previously participated in the program, who are now mentoring students in both California and New Mexico. Data collected from 57 past students, both online and in-person, are presented in order to give a broader understanding of the successes and challenges the program has faced. This paper provides the education community with valuable knowledge of how similar programs can be adapted to best suit the needs of students as well as the ways in which programs such as these may help students in the areas of professional development, research, and overall scientific understanding.