Period of Eclipsing Binary EPIC 201458798


  • Ivan Altunin Stanford Online High School
  • Ryan Caputo
  • Kalée Tock



Eclipsing Binaries, Celestial Mechanics, Data Analysis, Photometry


In this study we observed and determined the period of the eclipsing binary star EPIC 201458798, finding that its period has not changed since it was last measured and published in the Kepler catalog in 2014. We did this by developing Python code to determine the period using two independent algorithms and partially automating the search for suitable comparison stars. Our system was imaged by the 0.4m Las Cumbres Observatory telescopes in four filters. We analyzed six photometry types returned for each image from the Our Solar Siblings pipeline. Of these photometries, we found source extractor kron (sek) to be the most appropriate type for our 2x2 binned images of EPIC 201458798. Both of the period-finding algorithms we developed gave results that were not statistically different from the Kepler catalog period for the infrared, red, and visual filter images. The blue filter images were statistically different from
the Kepler catalog period for one of our algorithms but not the other.