New distance estimates to RX Eri, an RR Lyrae star in Eridanis, using near infrared photometry


  • Timothy Jones Alfred Deakin High School


Variable Stars, RR Lyrae, Photometry, Catalogs, Parallaxes


This paper presents the results of analysis of the RRab type star, RX Eri, building on previous work to include light curves further into the infrared. This project has yielded light curve results which have determined the period to 0:587 +/- 0:005d, agreeing with prior research. The distance estimation using Period-Luminosity-Metallicity relationships, V: 612+/-27pc, i: 608+/-21pc, z: 613+/-23pc broadly agreed with Gaia DR2’s estimation of 605 +/- 11pc. These infrared filters yielded better estimations in terms of error than those in the V band, although they all fall within the margins of error of the measurements made.