New distance estimates to Pulsating RR Lyrae Star DM And.


  • Adanna Frazier Lee College, Baytown, Texas
  • Thomas O'Kuma Lee College, Baytown, Texas



Stars, Variable Stars, RR Lyrae, Cepheids, Stellar Distances


This is a study of the photometric data of the RR Lyrae star, DM And, in the B, V, sdssi, and sdss-z filters. The light curve shapes and estimated period 0.631± 0.011d in the B-filter, 0.631± 0.012d in the V-filter, 0.631± 0.011d in the sdss-i filter, 0.631± 0.011d in the sdss-z filter, and an average period of 0.6301   0.011d represent that of a typical RRab type RR Lyrae star. DM And’s magnitude is 12.175± 0.010 in B, 11.70± 0.010 in V, 11.60± 0.03 in sdss-i and 11.475± 0.046 in sdss-z, with an average magnitude of 11.738± 0.024. DM And has a measured distance averaged over all filters of 1647± 42 pc, 1558± 46 pc in V, 1728± 77 pc in sdss-i, and 1653± 95 pc in sdss-z. These results are comparable to GAIA’s measured distance of 1572± 157 pc.