Rationale for a New Journal: the Astronomy Theory, Observations and Methods (ATOM) Journal


  • Michael T. Fitzgerald Edith Cowan University, Edith Cowan Institute for Education Research


In this article, the rationale behind the creation of a new journal, Astronomy Theory, Observations and Methods (ATOM) journal, currently hosted at rtsre.org is provided. It aims to fill a niche in the community for papers on any general topic in astronomy that may not find their place in top tier astronomical journals. The article outlines the thinking behind why there is a gap to be filled with regards to current scholarly metrics and the nature of other journals of similar scope and impact. The journal aims to be accessible to new and novice scientific authors, as well as those more established, through accessible developmental peer review and an explicit aim to avoid using publication metrics as a barrier to publication selection. The scope, which accepts more broader articles than most, of the journal and considerations on behalf of a potential author are also outlined.